Orbeez Gel Gun.com

The Non-Existence Site, And Possibly Scam

With the popularity of online shopping and e-commerce, you got to be aware of possible scams and fraud.

Some of the cases came out while there is a huge potential and popularity of certain products.

And the current hats go to the orbeezgelgum.com.

It adopts the rising market of Orbeez gun and entertainment that leads to a huge loss for the customer.

Here are the details. 

Non-Existence Site

One thing that is pretty unique and suspicious is the site itself.

Upon reaching the site, it shows nothing than the basic website.

Nothing to offer or direct visitor to find the right product.

It is possibly related to the meta description that said coming soon.

Moreover, there is also a notice that the website is established on March 13, 2022. 

It means that the site is too young to consider trusted.

The online store only dated a few days back which makes it hard to assess the credibility score.

For your information, the site is under GoDaddy.com, LLC as the registrar.

With its situations and current update, the website plummeted on the 2% of trust score, which the poor index and could not be recommended.   

Low Google Ranking 

Google and Alexa ranking should help determine whether the site is real or scam.

Unfortunately, Google and Alexa show a poor rank for Orbeez gel gun .com.

It displays that the site is not in a favored situation.

Other similar sites offer the preferred products (gel guns) in a more trusted and better website design. 

Free Shipping And HTTPS Are A Good Point 

Only two things that make this site have a good point for the customer.

The site has HTPPS, which is the safe site option you can get.

There are also some other information and offers such as the free shipping on orders worth $100+.

It is pretty normal, but the site is still lacking in many ways. 

Too Many Suspicious Factors 

Generally, some other suspicious factors came out from the site’s status and condition.

There is no product review or customer review.

Other essential details such as company contacts number, email, addresses, or social media are missing.

It also has no policies, and payment needs to use ShopPay, which is very prone to scams. 

It is safe to say that the site is a possible scam.

It is an un-existence website with lacking features and information.

There is no contact information, company email, address, or anything.

It even has a lack of social media and customer ratings or reviews.

Again, it is something that customers need to be aware of since fraud in e-commerce is common nowadays.

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