is Dalerop Legit

The trust score of is very low. Why is this?

After scanning for several indicators, we believe it might be a scam. Use this website with extreme caution.

A scan of each website by Scamadviser automatically examines 40 different factors, such as who owns the site, do the contact details appear to be hidden, what hosting the site uses, and much, much more.

Their trust score is calculated based on the information collected.

According to Scamadviser algorithm, has an extremely low trust score.

There is a possibility, however, that computers could be wrong.

Despite a strong indicator that the website is a scam, users may be able to work with it safely.

Highlights of the positive

  • You can get your money back by using this website’s payment methods.
  • There seems to be products on this site.
  • Xolphin SSL Check has validated the SSL certificate.

Points to consider negatively

  • Using a paid service, the website owner hides his identity on WHOIS.
  • These characteristics match those of scam sites.
  • A review system has been implemented internally.
  • A new domain name was just registered for this website.
  • Trend Micro does not recommend this website.


Evaluation of the company

His identity is hidden on the website.

The information is used by spammers to promote services to owners of websites.

The owners of some websites, therefore, choose to hide their contact information.

However, scammers can also take advantage of it.

When the identity of the owner of the website is revealed, the Scamadviser algorithm gives the site a high rating.

Evaluation of the website

Recent registration of this domain name.

Since the website is so new, few or no consumers have had time to review it or comment on it on social media.

This website should therefore be thoroughly checked to ensure that it hasn’t been set up by a scammer.

Evaluation of technical aspects

The technical features of this site overlap with those on other scam websites.

It is recommended that you contact the company to make sure they aren’t a scam.

Reviews on this website can be manipulated by the website itself by using tools.

Owners of sites have the option of not showing, editing, or prioritizing reviews.

Despite the legit nature of the website, scammers often create fake reviews of their own using such a system.

This resulted in a slight deduction in points for the website.

We offer payment methods such as credit card and PayPal that are considered to be reasonably safe.

If the merchant does not deliver or if the product breaks during transportation, these companies usually offer you the option to get your money back.

The fact remains, however, that no payment method always returns money.

If you have a credit card or payment method limitation, ensure you file the complaint on time.

The SSL certificate on the website is valid. An SSL certificate secures the connection between your computer and the website.

SSL certifications are categorized according to their level.

Scammers also use a free one.

Even so, if you need to input your contact information, having an SSL certificate can be better than not having one (source: Xolphin).

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