Weddle NFL Wordle

The new NFL Wordle game, Weddle, is taking over the internet

Fans are playing Weddle, a new NFL game similar to Wordle, and sharing the results on social media.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about Wordle, which is a popular word game on the web.

Starting out small, it gained worldwide popularity by the start of 2022, eventually becoming part of the New York Times.

Within six attempts, you must guess a five-letter word.

A green square indicates the right letter in the right place, a yellow square indicates the right letter in the wrong place.

The color grey indicates that it isn’t included at all.

Wordle has been the subject of several sports-based versions recently, and now the NFL is represented by Weddle.

A new version of Wordle, Weddle, is available for the NFL

Weddle is here to test your knowledge of the NFL if you have a few hours to spare.

In Weddle, you guess the name of an NFL player instead of a word, so it is fundamentally the same as Wordle.

The game is named after free safety Eric Weddle, who won Super Bowl LVI last season with the Los Angeles Rams.

He retired again shortly after he won the Super Bowl, but at least Weddle is keeping him busy now.

Here are the instructions

  • You have as few chances as possible to guess the NFL player.
  • WRs, RBs, QBs, and TEs will only be eligible as the solution players.
  • Depending on how close you were to the player, the color of the tiles will change after each guess.
  • Green indicates a match in any column.
  • It is the correct conference, but not the correct division, that is highlighted in yellow.
  • Yellow indicates that the correct number is within 2 (inches, years, numbers) of the player’s height, age, and weight.

Visit to play the game.

The game is already being played and the results are being shared on social media.

It’s called Poeltl in the NBA

Another version of Poeltl is offered by the NBA, however it follows a different premise.

From a silhouette, you must guess an NBA player from the eight choices available to you.

In addition to their team name, conference, division, position, height, age, and jersey number, there is also their age and height.

You’re given hints to help you figure out your next guess if you correctly guess one of those.

Even a baseball version of the game is available called WARdle.

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