Lose Luster as a Vibrant Tee Crossword Clue

Lose luster is a 7 letter crossword clue published on October 06, 2021.

This clue is likely to have an answer of TARNISH.

The following is a list of all possible answers to this clue, listed in order of their difficulty.

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Dictionary definitions of tarnish

Oxidation of metal surfaces results in a corroded surface (noun)

By exposure to air, become dirty or spotted; metaphorically; (verb)

“Long-term exposure to air tarnished the silver.”

“Her reputation was tarnished after the affair.”

An example of tarnish in use

The receptor planes of those who have allowed their receptors to tarnish with succulent trace elements, spewing up by the hot disk below, have a special flavor.

Lester Barnstorm, a somewhat tarnished and definitely over-the-hill executive at Marathon Productions, hired Goodman, an obscure, reclusive, and almost totally unknown individual.

A Carina-Cygnus fades, a brilliant color tarnishes, an Imperial panoply and pomp becomes tattered and worn.

Lo Prek had uncovered a pattern that led him to the conclusive conclusion that an Imperial conspiracy was behind the crime wave, and so it didn’t matter that many of the tarnished were in fact blameless.

In this short time, why should they risk tarnishing her princessly reputation?

It also proved difficult for the baronet, whose ancestors were all honourable men and well-behaved women, to forget a certain royal sinister, which had originated the earldom of Luxmore, along with several blemishes that have since tarnished that scutcheon.

To you, the Shouter was merely a man who shouted and died when you reached him, but he had a long, tarnished history before that.

His countenance was changeable, tarnished by passion and tarnished by time.

The nature of Villiers was untarnished by ill: he was good-natured, he was in good cheer, and he thought well of mankind.

You could be a real copper if you were lucky, as long as they designed a middle ground between impossible perfection and the Pit – tarnished, but not rotten, because the job did that to you.

I saw a sudden tarnish on the bright surfaces, as if the surfaces were no longer reflecting the light; and, somewhere, I noticed a hint of invading rust.

Once word of their child leaked out, it was not an easy task for her, since she was considered tarnished goods.

In the back of her hair, her hair was tangled in strands of tarnished tiara, which was tilted to the side.

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