Is Legit

It Possibly Is Due To The Company’s Bad Reputation

When talking about a scam in the form of booking and travel, users need to do extra work.

Most of the time, the site and offers are pretty reliable and sound trustworthy.

However, one should pay attention to many other aspects before taking the offer.

It includes, a site run by Holisto LTD that is known for scams. 

Is It Scams Or Not? 

Looking at the site, Gosplitty does appear trustworthy and interesting offer.

Almost every detail of contact, FAQ, function, and reviews are there.

However, you got to see the possible scam from it.

It was made and related to other Splitty travel and Traveluro sites, known for their bad reputation of scam. 

Based on the trustindex, the site is on the green.

It is considered average since some of the information and review indicate a scam.

The Site also works as 3rd party company, which means you are booking through them.

There is a chance of cancelation or unverified booking being done.

Thus, users or customer does not get what they have booked in the first place. 

How To Spot The Vacation Scam?

1. Do Your Research On The Company 

Considering how smart and elaborate a vacation scam can be, you can always be aware of the company.

It is better to do proper research about the company and the services.

The best one is to see the company and past reviews.

In this case, the Gosplitty is owned by Holisto LTD.

It has the same appearance as the similar Splitty or Traveluro sites, which is known for a bad scam.  

2. Read The Print 

One of the biggest scam issues is during the deal.

Some users stated that they have to face cancelation booking.

The cancelation also leads to fewer value offers, such as booking on different hotels and anything.

To avoid it, be sure to check travel insurance, invoices, cancelation policies, confirmation, and anything to indicate a possible loophole. 

3. Be Wary Of The Checkout  

The last thing you need to be aware of is during the checkout.

Always go to the site with HTTPS not only HTTP.

HTTPS means it has security that will protect the user’s information.

Regarding the payment, always consider paying by credit card, not direct deposits or bank transfers.

Using credit allows for better traceable transactions. 

The three tips given above are the fundamental ways to figure out whether the site is real or a scam.

You can check by yourself if the site is legit or not.

If possible, you can see from the company, print, and during checkout.

To avoid any possible scam, you can pick a site that has been running for a long time and you have used it before.

Be wary since the scammer is getting smarter.

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